A perfect time to clear the cobwebs, renew our writers goals, and reap the joys from our time honored craft.

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With great anticipation, I stare at the blank page before me.

Except today I know where it’s going. It’s very clear. Like a calling for today on behalf of all fellow writers at all skill levels and those considering taking up the time-honored passion of writing.

Today’s post is honoring…

A never ending dialogue, like a never ending play. Life unfolding wondrously.

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The attention grabbing photograph my dear sister Lucy sent us all.

I opened my WhatsApp from her and there was a white, freckled, subtly mottled though not at all overly so, aging hand, fingers clearly uncomfortably twisted. The unmistakable beginnings of arthritic pretzel twists so common with this affliction.


Next to you.

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in a breath

I get glimpses


Autumn sun

Chill air

But there, as real

Memories touched but utterly in the present

Hone in, zero in

Hold gently

When moving,

The passing breeze

The light

As though the changing


But it’s clearly there

A vein so rich

A glimpse

of joy

Maybe impossible to describe

But there all the same

Brings me to a place of

peace and comfort

For microseconds

Then gone

Makes its all

So worth it


So worth it

Worth the struggle

Age related?

Could be

Not sure

Reemerging sense of what is?

Could be

Don’t know

Something new though

Something brilliant and


Tom Jacobson

Just discovered the world of Medium. utterly amazing! Published first book, romantic adventure in Guatemala and Nicaragua, on Amazon. Title Lenka: A love story.

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