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  • Winifred hMensa

    Winifred hMensa

    Writer, poet and pocket philosopher https://linktr.ee/whmensa

  • Mona Lazar

    Mona Lazar

    🎈Ecstatic writer | abstract painter | explorer of everyday magic | seeker of light in the shadow | mystical feminine running free🎈monalazar.com🎈

  • Vijai N B

    Vijai N B

    Just some of my thoughts on whatever subject I happen to be Experiencing.|Motivating Thoughts|Everyday Happenings|

  • Colby Hess

    Colby Hess

    Freelance writer and photographer. Author of the freethinker children’s book "The Stranger of Wigglesworth."

  • Kathy Copeland Padden

    Kathy Copeland Padden

    is a news junkie, history buff, and music fanatic surfing the End Times wave with bemusement. Come along!

  • Martin Knapp

    Martin Knapp

    I have an M.A in International Political Economy. I write about economics, geopolitics, and my self-publishing journey. #politics #economics #writing

  • Reyadul Islam

    Reyadul Islam

    I am writer on Medium.

  • Trent Fox

    Trent Fox

    I am retired and at age 72 I am writing with a focus on growing up in the South and living in CA. Also writing about 30 years performing stand-up comedy.

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