Tom Jacobson
1 min readMay 28, 2022


Hola Deborah,

Enjoyed the piece.

The world of birds and thier amazing behavious just can-t be overstated.

I't's still early in my house, all asleep, so when you caused me to burst out laughing I'm blaming you, Ha!

The part about birds primping and preening for the females I think has it's human counterpart. I was taken back to my high school days, (my god, remember how life was so much more simple...), ah well.

But with me and many of my fellow males it was the time honored letter jackets. My schools was a green jacket with white leather sleeves. What really mattered though, to us and to the ladies, (or so we thought, wished) were the letter and the medals, footballs, baseballs in my case.

It worked on the ladies! Well, maybe a little, but it was just like male birds!

Mobbing is completely new to me. Yes I've seen this behavior many times but never really knew what was going on. Very cool. Fascinating.

Thanks Deborah, cool post.




Tom Jacobson

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